Physiotherapy 101

Physiotherapists are experts at relieving issues within the body that limit an individual’s ability to move around freely and perform daily tasks. A physiotherapist will listen patiently while a client outlines his or her symptoms, and will then work towards creating a customized treatment plan that can include anything from light aerobic training, strengthening exercises, and stretching.

The Benefits of Physiotherapy

Living in discomfort due to issues in the body is not enjoyable for anyone. A physiotherapist can help alleviate or eliminate any symptoms you may be experiencing with flexibility exercises, strength and endurance training, and coordination and balance exercises.

Physiotherapists use plenty of techniques to get the results you are striving to achieve in treatment, including but not limited to manual therapy, education of pain relieving techniques, electrical stimulation, ultrasounds, and applying heat or cold to an affected area.


Booking your Appointment

At some point in most people’s lives, a trip to a physiotherapist can help immensely in assisting their body to function optimally. While a referral from your doctor is not required to see a physiotherapist, your health care plan may require you receive one to be reimbursed for your treatment.

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