Parkside Therapy

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Therapy

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries don’t have to stop you from enjoying a full and pain-free lifestyle. We provide a qualified team of specialists to facilitate your road to recovery in the shortest possible time.

Motor Vehicle Accidents can be traumatic experiences. That is why our Professional, Specialized Recovery Program optimizes your health and wellbeing from start to finish. We apply a holistic approach to promote a mind at ease while providing healing for your physical injuries that will propel you right back into a life of normalcy.

Our Rehabilitation Facility will treat your:

· Whiplash
· Hip strains
· Tennis elbows
· Rotator cuff tears
· Headaches
· Neck and shoulder pain
· Upper and/or lower back pain

Booking your Appointment

No matter what your injuries are, we provide a range of professional, specialized care-treatment to facilitate your pain-free existence.

Most insurance plans cover motor vehicle accident treatment services. Therefore, before booking your first appointment with Parkside, inquire about whether your extended health care plan states that you need a referral from your general practitioner in order to have your treatment covered.

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