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Allow your mind to enter a state of relaxation while one of our registered massage therapists works with your soft tissue and joints to relieve your muscle tension.


The biomechanical disorders impacting your muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems receive the treatment they require through a variety of chiropractic techniques.


Acupuncture Therapy as practiced by someone who is has trained in Traditional East Asian Medicine is an extremely effective form of therapy.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave treatments are non invasive and promote accelerated recovery of injured soft tissue, bone, heel and joint pain.

Braces & Support

For Knee, Wrist, Thumb, Ankle, Back, Shoulder and Elbow injuries.


Client-focused, physiotherapists are
committed to providing treatments to assist your muscles, nervous system, and joints in functioning optimally.


Alignment is essential to the overall health of the skeletal system, and orthotics can provide the stability necessary to fix structural issues in your feet.


Tuina is one component of Chinese medicine system, which includes cupping, herbal medicine, nutrition and healing arts such as Qi Gong& Tai Qi.

Game Ready

The Game Ready System uses cold and active compression therapies to treat post-surgical and acute musculoskeletal injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

We provide a qualified team of specialists to facilitate your road to recovery in the shortest possible time.

Google Reviews.

    5 star review  Amrit and Sean are very professional and do a fabulous job with their work. They make you feel very comfortable which I think is necessary for clients to relax. Kudos to Sean for creating such a warm and friendly environment. Will definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

    thumb yasmin a j

    5 star review  I’ve always had a great experience when getting a treatment for acupuncture at Parkside Therapy. She definitely knows how to target the problem areas for me. I would recommend Talitha to everyone.

    thumb Masoud Qayyeumi

    5 star review  Went there a few times. Very professional and great comfortable place. Went there for just a regular massage and got excellent feedback for my back pain along with great advice from therapists. I'll keep going there and will recommend for sure 👍

    thumb adnan sami

    5 star review  Fantastic services, great atmosphere! I always better after my appointments. Keep up the great work!

    thumb Peter Balatidis

    5 star review  Massage therapist was amazing. I had lower back pain, the treatment was very helpful. I also saw Physiotherapist, highly recommend him as well. Clinic is very clean, especially during COVID, I felt safe.

    thumb Amina Sajid

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